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College Counseling

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The college admission process can be exciting, daunting, and empowering. Archmere Academy's College Counseling Office is available to all students and their families 12 months of the year and counsels students from their freshmen year through graduation.  The goal of the college counseling program is to promote student growth and assist students in finding the college with the best academic, extracurricular, and social fit for them. Our counselors have over 45 years of combined college admission and college counseling experience, helping students make the best possible college decision. Students take the lead in this process to maximize individual growth and ensure that the journey best prepares them for future success in college and beyond; however, students will not fly solo during this journey.

Our college counselors work with each student individually, examining how schools make admissions decisions and helping students understand college applications' strategic side to maximize their success. The College Counseling Office and the entire Archmere community create a supportive network to lessen the anxiety and stress of the college search and application process.

Finding the Right Fit

Early college programming and conversations in the freshman, sophomore, and junior year will provide students with the opportunity to become better informed and more comfortable with the college process, alleviating stress. In addition, numerous college admission professionals from schools around the country participate in Archmere programming each year. Giving students access to admission representatives early and often provides students with greater confidence and comfort in communicating with colleges and provides additional resources for questions, answers, and peace of mind.

College counselors use their knowledge and resources to assist students from start to finish, while also serving as strong advocates during the process. It is important that students do not envision the college search as a race to the finish. Getting in, while exciting, is simply a stage in the process. Students take the knowledge and skills they’ve learned during their Archmere education and apply them to their futures. The college search process challenges a student’s ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, self-advocate, communicate, reflect, plan for the future, be a savvy consumer, and make adult decisions. All of these are practical skills that will better equip them for the rigors of college and their futures beyond higher education.

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  • May

    Six Lives Exercise

    The College Counselors invite ninth and tenth graders to begin an optional discussion about their future after Archmere, particularly in relation to careers. Students will be challenged to define what success in the future might look like by completing the Six Lives Exercise from G. Richard Shell's book Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success. This exercise was designed to help students think outside of the box in regards to careers beginning with what makes them happy and how they define success rather than focusing on specific careers.
    Science Building - Science Lecture Hall - SLH
  • Feb

    Career Networking

    Theater & The Patio
  • Mar
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    Christopher Boehm 

    Director of College Counseling
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    Catherine Reigner 

    Associate Director of College Counseling; History Teacher
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    Logan Duffie 

    Associate Director of Admissions; College Counselor
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    Associate Director of College Counseling
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    Assistant Director of College Counseling
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  • Monthly College Counseling Update: April 2024

    As we do every year, on May 1st we celebrated our seniors with a slightly different twist. While there was certainly a college theme to the day, we didn’t want to make it all about college decisions because there are some students that are still making their final enrollment decisions due to the FAFSA forced deadline extensions. Some students are still awaiting aid packages and others are still indecisive and taking advantage of the extra decision time.
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